The Xentris brand of mobile accessories features a full line of premium core power solutions. As new handsets from the largest brands emerge, Xentris provides innovative new solutions for every device. From the latest in wall and car chargers to multi-port charging hubs to wireless charging and USB-C technology, Xentris offers an array of high quality products for every need.

Shock Shield

Shock Shield offers powerful tempered glass protection for all types of mobile devices. Shock Shield uses a durable, specially processed glass that is both scratch and fingerprint resistant. It is designed to act as a shield for your device’s screen and protect it against any accidental shocks or drops.


Elixage is a premium accessories brand dedicated to high quality performance, sleek design and innovative solutions built for the 21st century.

EXO Charge

Through a series of recent strategic investments, Xentris Wireless has expanded it’s capabilities to now include ruggedized charging solutions for the Warfighter. By combining experience with rapid product development for the consumer market with newly acquired knowledge of military power, the goal is to quickly and safely deliver the best Soldier-accepted charging solutions to the Warfighter.