We Don't Like To Brag But...

Millions of
charging units
sold each year

A top global purchaser of Apple connectors in the world

in the world

Quality premium
products certified by
leading agencies

We sell MILLIONS of charging solutions each year. We are a top purchaser of Apple Certified MFi Lightning connectors IN THE WORLD. We hold THE MOST USB Power Delivery (PD) certifications than any other mobile accessories company and we are at the forefront of this newly emerging technology. We are known for QUALITY PREMIUM PRODUCTS certified by leading quality control and testing agencies.

Who We Are

LEADING innovator of wireless
accessories and charging solutions.

BEST in class manufacturer.

Product manufacturer for the LARGEST
mobile carriers in the world.

At the FOREFRONT of technological
advancements in the mobile industry.

More than 34 YEARS of experience.

We Images

Xentris Wireless is a LEADING INNOVATOR of wireless accessories and charging solutions. A best in class manufacturer, we produce products for the largest mobile carriers in the world. Xentris Wireless is at the forefront of every technological advancement in the mobile industry. With more than 34 YEARS OF EXPERTISE in design and manufacturing, we are your full service solution for premium quality mobile accessories and rugged mission-ready power solutions for the Warfighter.

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