Xentris Wireless is a leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality, innovative wireless accessories supplying a full line of products to a wide range of customers and top wireless companies – including wireless carriers, retailers and dealer agents.


XENTRIS WIRELESS products are backed by rigorous testing and certification processes to deliver the ultimate consumer experience with safe, efficient and the most technologically advanced power solutions.

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We have a state-of-the-art PRODUCT INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT LAB, which is an extension lab of GRL where we will have access to 24/7 quality control testing.

Our QUALITY ASSURANCE USER EXPERIENCE CENTER enables us to put all of our products to the test by using custom equipment that replicates real life scenarios to ensure our products exceed user’s experience.

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24/7 Quality Control Testing



We design and manufacture USB Power Delivery solutions of the highest caliber. For us, quality matters above all else and we guarantee that every product has been manufactured and assembled with the highest degree of safety. In partnering with GRL to become an approved compliance extension lab, we have implemented a robust and complete quality assurance system to ensure compliance, interoperability and reliability.


Seamlessly tie quality assurance testing from the research and development stage to high volume production using consistent test hardware architecture.

Ensure products deliver a premium user experience to customers versus cheap, poorly tested chargers sold online or in retail channels.

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ISO 9001 Xentris Wireless is ISO 9001 certified by NSF-ISR.

INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES Dedicated quality assurance team located overseas responsible for thorough product inspections to ensure customer specifications and quality standards are met.

NATIONAL ANALYSIS CENTER (NAC) Improves wireless quality through comprehensive wireless testing and evaluation services. All of our power products are NAC tested and approved.

EXPONENT Provides in-depth scientific research and analysis or quick evaluations of our more technical products.

GRANITE RIVER LABS (GRL) Specializes in enabling new and emerging technologies, working closely with early adopters, standards committees, and leading test equipment manufacturers to develop test methodologies and provide early test solutions.

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Private label

Our award winning design and engineering team develops top quality private label charging solutions and accessories for the largest mobile carriers in the world. Xentris Wireless is capable of bringing your brand to life with ODM or OEM manufacturing services focused on design, high quality and functionality.


A number of top international brands rely on XENTRIS WIRELESS for brick and mortar retail distribution as well as online fulfillment. Our services include product set up across all major internet retailers, drop ship capabilities, EDI integration and bulk shipments.

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Key Distributed Brands

  • fitbit
  • dji
  • jbl
  • homywell


A number of top retail and carriers count on XENTRIS WIRELESS for distribution of the latest wireless accessories and manufacturing of private label products. A few include the following.

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